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Podcast thread! Recommend podcasts! In this thread! - qwilman - 10-15-2018

We all need stuff to listen to while we work, so let's do the podcast game. These are in no particular order, just the ones I always go back to:

Thirty Twenty Ten
[Image: thirty-twenty-ten.jpg]
A weekly pop-culture podcast that talks about what came out in Movies/Music/Etc thirty years ago, twenty years ago, and ten years ago that week. Always really interesting to see any weird connections between the decades, and constantly gives you a feeling of "I can't believe I am this old."
RECOMMENDED EPISODE: This is kind of a cop-out, but whichever episode is the most recent. It's great to follow along with in real time.

[Image: 89087.jpg]
A weekly Simpsons podcast that goes incredibly in-depth on every single episode, covering current events surrounding the airing, explanations of any references in the jokes, and just and utterly exhaustive discussion of the show's production. If you have any interest in how television or cartoons are put together it's a fascinating series, and it has years of content at this point. The last year or so has had some great guests on the show, as well.
RECOMMENDED EPISODE: A Millhouse Divided with Ian Jones-Quartey and Toby Jones

[Image: cover_medium.jpg]
And speaking of exhaustive discussion, oh boy. Each episode of this podcast takes a videogame and discusses it in far, far more detail than you could ever imagine, almost like an audio Let's Play. Super granular talk just picking apart every atom of design for the games chosen. Huge recommendations for their Fallout episodes or the recent Auteur Adventure Game Month.
RECOMMENDED EPISODE: Any episode about a Fallout game

[Image: wNKVcDAg_400x400.jpeg]
A weird True Crime/Weird Horror/Conspiracy Theory/History podcast. Really well-researched, fascinating topics, but every episode is definitely dark and some can carry some REALLY hard subject matter, so be warned. I also always add the caveat that this show has decided to deal with the severity of it's subject matter with some borderline shock-jock-morning-zoo kind of tone, which means things can occasionally get --for want of a better term-- problematic. It's hard to pin down exactly why this doesn't turn me away the way it normally would though, I think it's just really clear that their hearts are in the right place.
RECOMMENDED EPISODE: Columbine Part One and Part Two

Don't feel beholden to follow this format, but give a little note about why you love any podcast you link, and try and include a good jumping on point!

RE: Podcast thread! Recommend podcasts! In this thread! - engineered - 10-16-2018

Recently found out about this, now finished, podcast called Dead Genre Chronicles. It talks about JRPGs. Every episode the hosts play a JRPG and then they talk about it. Have only listened to about three or four episodes, but I like it quite a bit. They go sometimes pretty in depth with their discussions.

RE: Podcast thread! Recommend podcasts! In this thread! - Some Bullshit - 10-17-2018

I mainly listen to Critical Role at this point, a dnd podcast where there's a bunch of voice actors playing dnd. I used to listen to a bunch more but got hooked on this and the episodes are like 3 and a half hours wich is the majority of my driving to and from work podcast time.

RE: Podcast thread! Recommend podcasts! In this thread! - Buffum - 10-17-2018

My faves:
- podcast the ride (theme parks)
- reply all (internet stuff)
- dad and sons (gaming)
- heavyweight (emotional stories and stuff. it's good I promise)

RE: Podcast thread! Recommend podcasts! In this thread! - k_doots - 10-17-2018

My Brother My Brother and Me is a personal favorite of mine. Three brothers give advice to fans and to yahoo answer questions.

The Flop House is also super good! If you want a podcast that's like two hours per episode this is the one for you. They talk about a bad movie they all watched and then review it. It's a comedy podcast btw.

2.0 is also a very good comedy one! I think their slogan for the show is "fixing stuff that is fine." They have an episode where they "fix" skeletons that's a personal favorite of mine.

RE: Podcast thread! Recommend podcasts! In this thread! - bluebeard - 10-17-2018

(10-17-2018, 08:50 AM)Buffum Wrote: My faves:
- podcast the ride (theme parks)
- reply all (internet stuff)
- dad and sons (gaming)
- heavyweight (emotional stories and stuff. it's good I promise)

Love reply all, someone at work told me I'd really enjoy heavyweight.  

Mostly listen to Comedy Bang Bang, sometimes some Kevin Smith stuff related to comics.  That's about all.  Been doing audio books more and more lately on the drive time commute.

RE: Podcast thread! Recommend podcasts! In this thread! - vianne2 - 06-06-2019


RE: Podcast thread! Recommend podcasts! In this thread! - vianne2 - 07-20-2019