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symphony of the night
[Image: castlevania-symphony-of-the-night-ps4-pl...iginal.jpg]

Hey guys I just played for this game for the first time and ~=* hot damn *=~ it's amazing.
I don't know how this series has flown under my radar for this long. Honestly if you're into exploration or 2D action games you owe it to yourself and your prosperity to play this game. The growth and exploration is so satisfying. The aesthetic and atmosphere is spooky af and makes you feel like a fancy vamp. The secrets are overwhelming but in a good way, like being overwhelmed by the generosity of the will of one's lost uncle. Seriously. I thought I beat the game on Friday. Turns out half the game is hidden and I only beat half. Took me another 2 days to beat the rest. Wow.
Are all the games in this series this good? Is it even possible for a series to hit a high as sweet as this one for a second time??
Please let me know because I am thirsting for some more of whatever potion Toru Hagihara has slipped me.
I've heard so much good about this I look forward to eventually playing it. I remember pouring over the demo on the xbox 360 when it was on the arcade. I don't know if all castelvanias are that in depth, but I do know a lot of indie's are attempting to replicate the formula.

Dead cells might be up your alley.
(10-17-2018, 08:47 AM)Buffum Wrote: Are all the games in this series this good? Is it even possible for a series to hit a high as sweet as this one for a second time??

Honestly I feel like Symphony of the Night was like, the first game of it's like in castlevania and great and all but the others refined the formula a lot better. Aria of Sorrows and Order of Eccelsia are my two top ones for castlevania, but yeah Post symphony of the night 2D castlevanias are great. Though you'll probbably have to get roms to get em since most were gameboy games that I don't think have gotten re-released.

The main dude responsible for them is a guy named Koji Igarashi though, and he's left Konami and the castlevania franchise in general to start his own company. They're currently making a game called Bloodstained that you might be interested in. It's looking pretty great

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