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Kill 6 billion demons
Anyone reading this webcomic? Cause holy shit it's good.
About this college girl who ends up in the demon world and starts... well killing six billion demons. The fights are fucking amazing with huge double page spreads that look like something that James Stokoe would draw. 

It's also got metal as fuck demon angels and action sequences that flow so fucking well, and just... fuck this is a good comic and the fact that it's just free online blows my fucking mind.
[Image: demons.png?resize=900%2C839]
[Image: KOS16.jpg]
Damn, this looks incredible, I'll have to check it out!
Kill Six Billion Demons is a fantastic work and Tom is a lovely man if you meet him at a convention.
ow damn, thanx! Will def check this out!
I read the first collection and I thought it was amazing. The designs, the concepts, the fight scenes, everything was top notch. Even the mythopoeia between the chapters had the authentic feel and aesthetic of a religious myth.
Where can we follow this webcomic? This looks amazing! It looks very polished and professional for a web comic
"Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.", Pablo Picasso

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