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INKTOBER 2018 !!! Mega Thread
Hey all-- post your INKTOBER 2018's HERE??? 

HEre's mine from yesterday, day 13th

[Image: DpboT3iV4AAW7sg.jpg:large]
sick bat rider dude.
Inktober!! I'm actually mostly keeping up this year! I haven't finished a monthly challenge since the 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge about 4 years ago, so I'm psyched that I'm managing to do this one.

Here's a dragon girl for Guarded. 

PS - how do I make my images bigger? Am I supposed to host it somewhere else?
ya I need to make a short "how to" for some stuff on the forum. basically ya for big images you'll need to host it

basically i upload mine to twitter or tumblr, and copy here. the tag is [ img ] URL [ /img ] (but with no spaces

My Today's Inktober!!

[Image: DphEgj9UwAAr0pQ.jpg:large]
Ok, noted! And your Inktober for today is amazing!
Dope as normal, Rey, my man.

A couple recent Inktobers.

[Image: boar.jpg]
[Image: tea.jpg]
[Image: horse.jpg]
[Image: treat.jpg]
my latest, Inktober is kicking my butt... yet again...
[Image: 13.png]
[Image: 13-zoom01.png]
I'm not technically participating in inktober proper, but I have been doing some inky digital arts. So here's a fanart I did today for Dark Tropic by Evan Cagle.

[Image: darktropic.jpg]
Hey all, here's my first post here. I'll just share a few of my inktobers I did so far. I have a bunch of nsfw ones but I'm not sure what the policy is with that so I won't share those ones specifically for now. [Image: DpW5lWzUcAAQj-D.jpg][Image: DpIkYOiXUAAvxVn.jpg][Image: DouV3rYXgAAjuSx.jpg]
Yeaaaah! so wicked guys!

DAY 15 !

[Image: Dpl4Aa8U8AALiDR.jpg:large]

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