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INKTOBER 2018 !!! Mega Thread
Hey guys!
I've got a bunch more of these, but here's one for now, while I figure out how to post images.

[Image: DpJkMCSWwAcp2mP.jpg:large]
The only joint I've done for Inktober so far.... Did this as a warm up, but I think I want to do a small comic story with all of them.

[Image: DpUeqakXUAA4KF-.jpg:large]
[Image: 20181016_182549_zpsmntuxyfo.jpg][Image: 20181016_182530_zpsqfskay1k.jpg][Image: 20181016_182432_zps8k1d6kwv.jpg][Image: 20181016_182356_zpsv0o6psgn.jpg][Image: 20181016_182505_zpsibbtdcpq.jpg]
Attached below

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Just today I finished my whale piece for October. Need to figure out how to cleanly add prisma.

[Image: Dp0r3cnUUAApMbB.jpg]
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(10-18-2018, 09:36 PM)maddoxfanx Wrote: Attached below
Very dope! I love your style.
damn y'all these are soooo good!! love everyone's lines and marker strokes!

i haven't had a lot of time to do anything except this
[Image: DpCHFGlW4AE5BnU.jpg]
[Image: DpCHfbLXgAAuSGE.jpg]
I've been doing my own prompt list with various movie monsters, I've done every dy so far this month but here's a few of my personal favorites:

Quote:[Image: DomnRM1U8AABzBw.jpg]

[Image: Do1yq2SU4AAva3Y.jpg]

[Image: DpG_AKnVAAAk_Fd.jpg]

[Image: Dp2ekZFV4AABa07.jpg]

[Image: Dp2fDhaUcAAZIWE.jpg]

[Image: Dp4YTB_VAAAmDh-.jpg]
Wonderful stuff you guys!
Here's another.

[Image: Doc8HVqXkAEcFD7.jpg:large]
Hey guys first off

everyones work here is awesome. I love all of it hahah

second, heres some pictures ive made this month (not exclusively spooky but still fun stuff). I pretty much only use ms paint so my lines aren't all clean but thats how i like my art most of the time haha

[Image: MrvBZwb.png]
[Image: XFn8oy6.png]
[Image: SxIoyr2.png]

and this last one is an unfinished page from a comic i plan on making but I don't think I'll end up using this particular art for it

[Image: gBsibGh.png]

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