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COMIC CONS!!!!!!!!
One of the things I hope FREEETIME helps with is helping us peeps organize for COMIC CONVENTIONS!

[Image: eea9eabb773a72d96a0247d91cbe082a.jpg]

Cool ones that are coming up, ones you think we should be aware of, ones you will be EXHIBITING AT? an artist you are excited for?? POST IT UP HERE ! 

The next one that I will be at is JET CITY comic con in tacoma! NOV 3 - 4, Tacoma WA USA

[Image: JetCity_Logo.jpg]

I've never been at this one! 

Anyway, as bigger shows come along, like EMERALD CITY COMIC CON I imagine we can have dedicated threads to those cons right here in this "PEOPLE" forum (thinking of re-naming it to "WORLD"...)

I'm at a show tomorrow actually, Nottingham Comic Con in the UK. It's my first time as a guest, so I'm pretty hyped for it!
[Image: DptlVs2U8AA0bpA.jpg:large]

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