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Wardens Watch
Back in March me and my ace homie Ken Kirk got our very first Kickstarter comic funded called Wardens Watch. It's a comic about a 
mysterious forest and it's guardian,  known only as The Warden. 

When a growing darkness threatens the existence of the forest, the Warden uses powers granted to him by the forest itself to fight off the infection. 

It's definitely been fun working on this, and it comes out in a few weeks! I wanted to share some sneak peeks and such. Let me know what you think.

[Image: DoxW_78XUAArefo.jpg:large]

[Image: DlgLzEFUcAAMuzh.jpg:large]

One of the promo joints for the Kickstarter.

[Image: DW8OjqdUMAAf4VN.jpg:large]
Congrats on getting your first KS funded!

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