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Freeetime! [oct 2018]
Hey guys!

Hello and thanks to everyone who has signed up and is posting fun stuff here on FREEEEEETIME hahaha

Here's a general update:

- ppl are posting cool stuff, that is appreciated

- "how to" thread - soon I'm gonna make a permanent thread that will inform ppl how to upload images, what features we have here, etc. this post right now is kinda like that, but more a placeholder

- still working on the design around here. I personally think it's just fine as is but I want to add some more unique looks, possibly/hopefully as selectable themes anyone can use at any time (with this more simpler one being the default)

- IMAGE HOSTING! it can be slightly tricky uploading pix around here. best way is to use Tumblr or Twitter, upload the image, then "copy image link" into [ img ] url [ / url ] tags (minus spaces). I'm thinking even of making a general FREEETIME TUMBLR that we can all access and upload images too XD that'd be kinda fun? 

- i see BOTS already popping up. i have a couple friends who are gonna be MODERATORS and try to stimey / block that shit! if anyone else wants to apply to be one, say so here!

- "like" feature. there's a plugin for this forum to add a "like" feature, so ppl can just generally "like" posts without needing to reply. hopefully implement that soon!

ok that's general status right now

I've personally been sick the last couple days-- but plan on uploading some new fun stuff real soon to get this place further rolling


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