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[Image: Mfkz-Trailer-Release-Date.jpg]

Last Tuesday I had the chance to finally catch Mutafukaz (MFKZ here in the states) in theaters and it blew my mind. An awesome blend of French comics and writing, Japanese animation, and American dubbing. 

MFKZ is a French comic by Guillaume "Run" Renard turned adult sci-fi anime by Ankama Animation and Studio 4°C (Tekkonkinkreet) and is a crazy mix of aliens, gangs, conspiracy, and urban lifestyle. It follows buddies Angelino (alien dude) and Vinz (flaming skull) as they navigate living in the grungy DMC (Dark Meat City). Things quickly ramp up when Angelino is hit by a truck and starts to see weird alien-like shadows. From there the movie dials it up to 11 - chase scenes, powers, gun fights, and invasion plots. I don't want to spoil it too much. 
GKIDS knocked it out of the park with the American dub: Danny Trejo, Vince Staples, RZA, and a ton of other amazing actors and actresses rounding out the mix. They really helped round out the characters and some of the throw-away lines are hilarious.

[Image: 1047270-gkids-releasing-mutafukaz-mfkz-n...k=xNikoNGk]

It's sitting at a 46% on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 84% audience score. I honestly don't trust critics and I believe they don't have a grasp on what goes into animation because this bleeds style. There's so much to see from the tiny grungy details in the backgrounds to the awesome character direction. My only complaint is that the 3rd act slows down a little bit.
If you like Tekkonkinkreet, Felipe Smith comics, and hood films (like Boyz n the Hood) then definitely check it out.
3/4 Flaming Skull Heads.
Oh yeah this looks awesome. It had a super limited showing though, now it's gone!  Sad Sad

god I feel like I saw the first trailer for this like 5 years ago. Still waiting for a way to see it down here in Aus. Looks amazing.
It looks like it was on a really limited release schedule. I know here in San Diego they only had 2 dates and that was it.
GKIDS is usually pretty good about getting DVDs out so hopefully that happens sooner than later so peeps can check it out!

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