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A good evening to everyone.

My name is Jordan Neves (7 spelled backwards), I have done self-published minicomics and webcomics, and this year I've been delving into video game development and programming as well.

This is one of my more recent pieces with more at my website:
[Image: tumblr_pep97m4bvz1qas362o1_540.png]

This is me in a box.

[Image: nWaeCiS.png]

I'm excited to get to know you all!
Hey kids. I'm Lars Brown, I'm 35 years old and I have three children. I made some books for Oni called North World a million years ago and I made some other books on my own called Penultimate Quest. I was the first person to read Scott Pilgrim volume 4, I proof read it at the Oni office when Bryan sent it over. All of my happiest memories are distant, but my kids are starting to be pretty cool. I'm hoping to make new things but holy shit all I do is go to work and play Magic Arena.
Hey there!
My name is Pascal Brander, I've been working in the games industry for about 10 years now. Been doing various freelance stuff on the side aswell. For me it all started way back with colouring other peoples artwork and comic pages, including some of Corey's work (PENG cover). I was a member of the Gingerbox and LedHeavy forums back in the day and I really miss those days, filled with inspiration and awesomeness. So I'm excited Corey started a new thing like this!

Let's go!

[Image: art.jpg]
FMR, coming to hang out in the new Reyyy forum, Ive been a member of them since back in the apartment days. I hope to see some cool cats like Boorman, Leia, RXKing, Nas come back and join and post great art.

Hey everyone, nice to see everyone's art and faces who are willing to share.  I look forward to getting to know your art and you, as artists here on freetime.

I'm an aspiring comic artist, and a production/engineer in apparel design during the day.  I work for a company that does lots of band merchandising.  Here's some art.  If you look hard enough you'll see a self portrait in there.

[Image: mzP5Gtj.jpg]
I am an 18 y/o community college dude. I live in the middle of nowhere, and have yet to finish a project. I hope to grow into someone who can draw really good™ and make the cool™ art. 

Other things I dig:
  • programming (bunch of different languages, usually Lisp, Lua or C.)
  • watching youtube videos
  • anime sometimes
  • science fiction books & video games
  • blasting Machine Girl albums at unsafe volumes and pretending it makes me more productive

[Image: lsbeet.png][Image: qtawnr.jpg]
Hi, I'm Cory. I've been drawing comics for a while now. I run Planet Land Comics.
I spend a lot of time trying to make comics, it feels like I'm squeezing really hard on a dropper. 
My current goals are finishing a set of pages so that I can spend my savings on a Cintiq. Then, all of my problems will be solved! Wink

Thanks for getting this forum up and running, Reyyyy

P.S. Everybody should make a signature...! I feel like it's true to that one nostalgic forum feel. Right?
Hey, everyone! I'm Adrian, Ionwhat.

I'm a freelance illustrator /concept artist out here in southern California. Haven't drawn any comics recently, but I hope to get back into it. 

Also into videogames. Mostly gaming on PS4, Switch and 3DS. Currently playing Dead Cells and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. 

Here is the last thing I drew:[Image: 6j4BpGS.jpg]

And me
[Image: tSrdjNx.jpg]
wow i blush at you all
middle-aged male wearing jeans and a black vest
sporting short brown hair and strawbery blonde scruff
currently under investigation by himself for not making enough art
though, in my defense, my ideal representation of ability would be to write a novel with some bw illustrations
and that's what i'm doing currently, including a screenplay for ghostbusters 6 (after 3 is rerebooted and 4 and 5 complete a trilogy)
i've made a lot of "videoslides" like music video slideshows sampling art and bits and bytes of songs
check 'em out on my youtube channel 
[Image: 44444875455_81e1bbea8c_z.jpg]

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