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The nintendo switch RULES

[Image: nintendoswitch_3.jpg?quality=82&strip=all&w=1600]

What are your favorite games for it and why???

Currently mine is WIZARD OF LEGEND

[Image: H2x1_NSwitchDS_WizardOfLegend_image1600w.jpg]

I'm a big fan of "rouge-likes" and WoL may be the best yet! Top down dungeon crawler with TONS of customiziale special moves / magic tricks! I only wish there was an ONLINE CO-OP!!! Even without it though, grinding away in Single Player is still hella fun! That's a testament to this game, that in this modern age of "everything must be online" i keep coming back to this even tho there is NO online component!

More rad switch games GO!
Night in the Woods is one of my favorite games I've ever played, and the Switch is the perfect platform for it

[Image: mHP1703_1024x1024.jpg?v=1511949896]

To give it an elevator pitch, it's a story about a girl who moves back to her hometown from college and tries to deal with what that means for her life while her town crumbles around her for both spooky and regular reasons.

[Image: maybe-e1492013199290.jpg?resize=678%2C381]

It plays out mechanically somewhere between a platformer and a visual novel, and playing it on the switch means you get to curl up with it like a good book. Now is the PERFECT time of year to pick it up, I can't recommend it highly enough.

EDIT: I'm going to give one tiny sorta-spoiler, just because I wish I'd known it. If you get the chance to hang out with Germ, take it.
Whoa, I hadn't heard about Wizard of Legend. I just saw the trailer and it looks dope! Definitely gonna check that out.

I really want to try NITW too. Heard nothing but good things.

[Image: ipWLzob.jpg]
I've been playing Dead Cells. It's a rogue like action platfomer. Most people will call it a metroidvania, but I wouldn't go that far. Sure, you will get new powers and abilities that let you access new areas in the environment, but you won't be backtracking to get to those alternate paths. Where a metroidvania will typically have one huge interconnected map to explore Dead cells has smaller maps you leave behind once you move forward. Still lots to explore.

Anyways, what makes the game so fun is in its combat. It's just so fast and satisfying with a lot of interesting options and great animation. Swords, spears, bows and magic along with traps and special abilities there's sure to be something for you.

My personal favorite weapon is the Frantic Sword! After taking out a few enemies you get a temporary speed buff (this happens with any weapon) the fun part about this sword is that as long as the buff is going every swing is a critical hit which let's you do damge quickly keep the buff going. Great for doing speed runs... And there are reasons to do speed runs every so often.

It's a fun game.
[Image: latest?cb=20171205200112]Megaman 11 is so fucking good.  The slow mo power feels rad as hell to use and the fact that you get different little outfits for all your different boss powers is super rad. Just a good arse fuckin megaman game.
My current roster of games is HOLLOW KNIGHT, WIZARD OF LEGEND, and SKY ROGUE!

Honestly the Switch has become an indie machine and I love it. I've put 40 hours in Hollow Knight and still have a ton to do (I'm still only at 73% complete). Love games that teach you the mechanics of the game by letting you roam around. Wizard of Legend has new content coming soon and I'm super stoked! They're adding new enemies and an Air Wizard to the mix of bosses,

If you want an awesome colorful flight game, then check out Sky Rogue! You can customize your ship, the music is rad, and they have a really cool controller setup called "Danger Zone".

Good stuff! Looking forward to getting Hyper Light Drifter here soon.

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